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Ultra O Durolock

DMM Ultra O med 4 stegs Durolock låsning
Artnr: A324
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The ultra-light, clean nose Ultra O carabiners are the mainstay of our carabiner range, and for good reason. Not only do they give high strength to weight ratios and feel great in the hand, they also help to keep components of a system aligned. The deep symmetrical basket allows pulleys, webbing, ropes and even other carabiners to 'centre' naturally and still allow easy stacking of components on either side. A connecting classic.

This is how Durolock works!


Product name: Ultra O Durolock


MBS (Major Axis):25kN

MBS (Minor Axis):12kN

MBS (Gate Open):7kN

Dimensions:63 x 109mm


Gate Open:19mm

Conformance:EN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 H

Durolock - An auto-locking gate requiring four separate actions to open. The most secure gate in complex and dynamic rigging systems, the Durolock maximises protection from accidental gate opening.


Artikelnamn: DMM Ultra O Durolock
Artnr: A324


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