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Roadrunner - Chaps

Chaps från SIP Protection
Artnr: 1RC1A
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Because a bit of culture hardly ever did any harm, here´s how we got to the name "Roadrunner". Chainsaw protective chaps come in handy where chainsaw trousers fall short for a quick chainsaw job. Their biggest advantage is that you can quickly click and unclick them over regular working trousers or denim if you prefer. Or even on top of your shorts during hot weather. Thanks to the adjustable straps at the back of the legs, M for all sizes up to XL suffice to fit nearly all. The Roadrunner bird, also named "CHAParral bird" is known to be one of the fastest running birds on earth. The Native American tribe "Hopi" believed the "CHAParral bird" protected them against evil spirits. All we know is that they will protect you against nasty cuts. Protection, CHAParral bird, quick?the name Roadrunner was born. BEEP BEEP!

Standard: EN ISO 11393-2 : 2019 / Class 1 - 20 m/s design B


Artikelnamn: Roadrunner
Artnr: 1RC1A

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