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Jumbo Omni-Rigging Block 4,5"

Rock Exoticas största Omni Block för avancerad rigging
Artnr: MHP58
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The Material Handling Omni 4.5" brings heavy duty rigging to the Omni family with a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 2.720 Kg (6000 lbf). In addition to the large 11,43 CM (4.5") sheave, the MHP58 features a prusik minding sideplate, and push-button access to open the sideplate to install rope. Whether used in a hoisting system with a capstan winch or in general industrial rigging, this rigging block provides a high-strength and lightweight solution needed for tower climbers and industrial riggers.

Part #: MHP58
Rope Size: 3/8" - 3/4" (9.5mm - 19mm)
Weight: 5.8 lbs (2.65 kg)
WLL: 6,000 lbf 2,720 Kg
Certification: ASME B30 Compliant

The Omni-Block combines a swivel and pulley into one tool, and incorporates a unique sideplate that opens while the pulley is still attached to the anchor. Traditionally, a pulley is connected to a swivel by a carabiner. However, the Omni eliminates the need for the carabiner, reducing length and pieces of equipment in the rigging system. The short length of the Omni is important when used in high-angle, confined space or other space-sensitive rigging environments. The reduced weight of the Omni will make hauling your gear easier. Additionally the Omni sideplate can be opened without detaching from the carabiner. Traditional pulleys require removing from the carabiner to change the rope. With the Omni, the user is able to do this while the pulley is still secured.

  • Install and remove rope while still connected to the anchor
  • Sideplate locks with two-stage, double-catch safety mechanism
  • Integrated swivel allows pulley to orient while reducing gain
  • Connect, install and remove rope with one hand
  • CNC machined for optimal weight & strength




Artikelnamn: Jumbo Omni-Rigging Block 4,5
Artnr: MHP58
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