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Jonko Cone Wedge

Jonko Cone Wedge
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Ratchet wrench [not included]. The Jonko cone wedge has small grooves on the inside of the female 1/2 inch socket to secure the Jonco to a ratchet wrench with ball pin interface.


The Jonko cone wedge has been designed specifically for use within a tree and to fell small to medium size trees with a slight back-lean. Following one year of field testing a variety of different profiles & thread designs we managed to come up with a versatile & highly functional product´s you are sure to find a use for it in a broad range of applications.


Origin: Made in The Netherlands
Material: High grade CNC milled chrome steel designed for heavy duty tools
Size: 190 mm x 50 mm
Connector: 12 mm [1/2 inch] with secure ball-pin interface
Weight: 900g 
Compatibility: 1/2 inch bit Ratchet/Socket wrench or high torque Impact driver


Artikelnamn: Jonko Cone Wedge (Big)
Artnr: JO2


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