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Beach Rolly Dolly

Förvaringsväska till Eckla Beach Rolly
Artnr: MY61-B
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750 SEK


Beach Rolly NOT included Great accessory for the famous Beach Rolly. The tight fitting canvas cloth featuring differently sized bags is designed to cover the Beach Rolly's back from top to bottom. The dolly is pulled tight over the top handle, so it can also support the head of the sitting person. It is then attached to the side frames by textile extensions and clips. The dolly is easily installed and can stay on even when the Beach Rolly is folded for transport. The upper pocket is reinforced for protecting documents, a tablet or a small notebook. The mesh pocket below keeps accessories in reach while the amply sized pocket at the bottom offers a lot of room for all kinds of things. The well balanced Dolly system is compatible with a special elastic rope which allows for attaching extra accessories via carabiner.


Artikelnamn: Beach Rolly Dolly
Artnr: MY61-B


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