Throwlines, storage and accessories

Throwlines, storage and accessories

Discover our range of high-quality throwing ropes and accessories, specially designed for arborists. These products combine precision, durability and ease of use to meet all your tree climbing and rigging needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced arborist, we offer throwing lines and accessories that ensure an efficient and safe working process.

Throwing lines for arborists 

We offer a wide range of throwing lines for arborists. Our collection includes everything from lightweight and flexible lines to more robust and durable variants. We work with leading manufacturers to offer you the best in throwing lines.

Accessories for casting lines 

Our range of throwing line accessories is designed to maximize the efficiency and precision of your work. From throwing bags to specialist tools, these accessories are essential to improve your rigging and tree climbing.

Throwing systems and equipment

Explore our range of throwing systems and equipment, perfect for arborists who need advanced solutions for their projects. Our systems and equipment are designed to facilitate positioning and rigging, making your work smoother and safer.

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