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Discover our range of Single Rope Technique (SRT) equipment and accessories, specially adapted for arborists. Our SRT products combine innovation, safety and efficiency, enabling safe and smooth climbing on single rope. Whether you are an experienced SRT climber or a beginner, we offer equipment that guarantees a high-performance and safe experience.

SRT Climbing Equipment 

We offer a wide range of SRT climbing equipment. Our collection includes everything from advanced rope brakes and climbers to customized harnesses and helmets. These products are carefully selected from leading manufacturers and designed to provide optimal performance and safety in SRT climbing.

SRT Accessories

Discover our range of SRT accessories, including rope bags, rope guides and anchor solutions. These accessories are essential for creating an efficient and safe SRT set-up. They are designed to facilitate the handling of ropes and equipment, increase your mobility and ensure a smooth climbing experience.

Safety equipment for SRT

Safety is of the utmost importance in SRT climbing. We offer a range of safety equipment, including fall protection equipment, helmets and hand shocks. These products are essential to protect you from falls and other risks associated with working at height. Our safety equipment is tested and approved according to industry standards, giving you peace of mind when climbing.

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