Chainsaw protective pants

Chainsaw protective pants

Functions and design of saw protection trousers

The saw protection pants are equipped with special protective layers that effectively stop the chain of a chainsaw on contact and minimize the risk of injury. The chainsaw pants are designed with user comfort in mind, with features such as breathable materials, stretch panels and reinforced seams for increased durability. We have chainsaw pants from leading manufacturers such as Arbortec, SIP Protection, Pfanner and Arbpro. 

Varying levels of protection and styles

We offer chainsaw trousers with different levels of protection and styles to suit different working environments and personal preferences. Whether you need lightweight and flexible protective clothing for warmer climates, or more robust options for cold and harsh working conditions, we have options to suit your needs.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure long-lasting use and maintained protective function, we also offer products for the proper maintenance and care of your saw protection pants. Regular cleaning and proper storage are essential to maintain the protective properties and comfort of the trousers.

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