Cambium Savers

Cambium Savers

Discover our range of high-quality cambium guards, specially designed for arborists. Our cambium guards combine durability, protection and ease of use to meet all your tree climbing needs. These guards are designed to protect the tree and your rope, increasing both the safety and longevity of your equipment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced arborist, we offer cambium guards that ensure a safe and effective climb.

Cambium Savers for arborists

We offer a wide range of cambium protection for arborists. Our collection includes everything from flexible and lightweight guards to more robust and durable options. We partner with leading manufacturers to offer you the best in tree protection.

Areas of use

Our range of cambium guards are designed to be used in various climbing and rigging environments. These guards are essential for minimizing damage to the tree and extending the life of the rope, making them indispensable for responsible arborists.

Accessories for cambium savers

Explore our range of cambium protection accessories, including different attachment solutions and sizes. These accessories are designed to make your use of cambium guards more efficient and adaptable to different situations.

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