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Thermo Softshell

Softshell jacka från SIP Protection
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-L
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-M
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-S
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-XL
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1594 SEK
1594 SEK
1594 SEK
1594 SEK


Welcome mid-season or cold weather with Fuyu, the Japanese word for ''winter''! This collection of highly technical EN ISO 14058 certified softshells with detachable sleeves provide the highest possible comfort, technicity and durability for both foresters and arborists during chilly or cold weather that may come with the additional drizzle or sleet. The waterproof and breathable 3-ply fabric offers the wearer the highest possible comfort.As far as additional features are concerned, the reinforced Tektor shoulders provide an extra resistance, the sheer number of pockets assure you will always find the right place to store your precious items. The sleeves can be removed when needed and the back is long enough to allow comfort while working in a harness or during forestry work. OK, that's a lot of features in just one softshell so you might start wondering: where is the catch? All we can add is that all our testers have been unanimous regarding this jacket: Second to none!


  • Front zip closure under flap
  • Straight collar
  • Elongated back tail
  • Narrowing by touch and close fastening
  • 2 inset chest pockets, 2 inset pockets with zip closure


  • 1 patched First Aid pocket with zip closure on the left side


  • 3-layer laminated softshell: 100% polyester stretch + PU breathable laminate + 100% polyester fleece inside; ± 280 g/m²


Artikelnamn: Thermo Softshell (Large)
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-L
Artikelnamn: Thermo Softshell (Medium)
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-M
Artikelnamn: Thermo Softshell (Small)
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-S
Artikelnamn: Thermo Softshell (X-Large)
Artnr: 1SWSA2TU1NS0-XL


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