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Technical - T-Shirt

T-Shirt i funktionsmaterial utan sömmar
Artnr: AP-CTI/T/2X3
Artnr: AP-CTI/T/SM
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295 SEK
295 SEK
295 SEK


The importance of dressing in layers is fundamental for the well-being of the body and to improve physical performance.

These latest-generation clothing items offer unparalleled comfort. Made with "seamless" technology, that is without annoying seams, they have differentiated construction areas to respect the physiology of the body and improve physical performance. The particular construction offers areas of greater "compression" to promote muscular activity combined with "maximum transpiration" zones in the hottest parts of the body.

This Close-fitting functional underwear with different zones for better ventilation, compression zones to improve blood circulation and 3D zones to avoid pressure points. The material gurantees excellent wearability and the seamless design, The Climb Tech Base Layer T-Shirt is very comfortable . Treated with silver ions to give antibacterial properties.


51 % polyester
42 % polyamide
7 % elastane


Artikelnamn: Technical - T-Shirt (2XL/3XL)
Artnr: AP-CTI/T/2X3
Artikelnamn: Technical - T-Shirt (Large/X-Large)
Artikelnamn: Technical - T-Shirt (Small/Medium)
Artnr: AP-CTI/T/SM


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