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Tachyon with spLIFE - 45 meter

Tachyon med spLIFE terminering.
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The Tachyon from TEUFELBERGER is one of the most successful climbing ropes among the 24-strand ropes.

Our Tachyon is provided with a firm yet flexible construction. It consists of a polyester cover which significantly improves friction hitch performance without ?bagginess?. The core consists of a polyamide inner core. This inner core construction keeps the diameter consistent, even in the loaded state. The rope diameter of 11.5 mm is ideal for tree care operations. It ensures a better grip, thus reducing hand fatigue. Tachyon is certified to EN 1891A as well as ANSI Z133-2012. It works perfectly in combination with standard hardware designed for use with 11.5 mm ropes.

Our Tachyon excels due to:

Low stretch at low loads for less bounce while climbing
High stretch at high loads thus minimizing the shock effect in the event of a fall
Consistent diameter while climbing thus ensuring an improved grip
Great ease of splicing

Thanks to its unparalleled feel and its exceptional performance, Tachyon is ideal for use with the latest mechanical systems.


  • Lengths: 45 m
  • Standard: EN 1891A, ANSI Z133
  • Core: polyamide
  • Cover: polyester
  • Plait number: 24


Artikelnamn: Tachyon with spLIFE
Artnr: 7350216
Artikelnamn: Tachyon with spLIFE
Artnr: 7350222
Artikelnamn: Tachyon with spLIFE
Artnr: 7350228

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