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Captain Kit

DMM Captain Kit
Artnr: CAKIT_015
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Kit bestående av:

  • Captain
  • XSRE karbin
  • 15 Meter Sirius 10 mm rep med ögla
  • 6 liter DMM Tool Bag

Demovideo HÄR

The Captain is a self-orientating, high strength throwing hook that is used as a positioning aid. It has been designed to increase stability and create work positioning options during complex jobs.
The shackle reduces torsional friction and allows the hook to pivot onto any anchor to achieve reliable location. In this way, the Captain allows you to use remote anchors up to 90mm in diameter to traverse the workspace in a controlled manner. Once the anchor has been located, DMM's high quality engineering ensures the Captain achieves a rated strength of 18kN (dependent on anchor quality).
Clever design allows the device to be efficiently racked when the job is done to minimise chances of snagging.




Artikelnamn: Captain Kit
Artnr: CAKIT_015


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