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Extremt starkt och värmetåligt rep för alla typer av Winchar eller vid tung rigging
Artnr: CT124008D001
Artnr: CT124008D001_45
Artnr: CT124010D001
Artnr: CT124010D001_50
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Available in diameter 8mm to 10mm, this new Sequorope textile cable for forestry use provides excellent resistance to heat thanks to a mixture of very efficient materials.

This characteristic makes it unique on the forestry market. It perfectly withstands extreme temperatures in the drum while keeping its shape without undergoing any deformation. Its resistance is being perfectly preserved in a heating or friction situation.

Sequorope textile cable remains very round over time, the creep is considerably reduced.

Its hollow braid 12 plaits construction with specific coating allows it to increase the sliding in the pulley passages and to be easy to handle.

Even more static than Dynalight®, this textile cable offers excellent durability over time thanks to its absorption of heat.

It has significant resistance to bending and abrasion and has remarkable stability under load, with no elongation.

Easily spliceable, this textile cable allows easy repair even after use.

It is perfectly compatible with all the accessories on the market: chain, steel cable, etc.

Advantages :
• Resistant
• No deformation
• Easy splicing
• Economic
• Innovative installation system
• Excellent resistance to UV and hydrocarbons

Use :
• In forestry use for skidding work, replacing steel cable and other textile cables less resistant to heat.
• Can be used with any type of winch (tractor, 4×4, quad…)

Construction :
New 12-plait braiding.
Bi-material mixture very efficient and resistant to heat and breaking.

MBS 8 mm: 65 kN

MBS 10mm: 96 kN

Elongation of 2.8 % at 50 % of breaking.


Artikelnamn: Sequorope (90 Meter)
Artnr: CT124008D001
Artikelnamn: Sequorope (45 meter)
Artnr: CT124008D001_45
Artikelnamn: Sequorope (100 Meter)
Artnr: CT124010D001
Artikelnamn: Sequorope (50 Meter)
Artnr: CT124010D001_50

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