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Rope Runner Pro

Nya CE Godkända Notch Rope Runner Pro
Artnr: 53420
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3400 SEK


Engineered by Notch with original inventor Kevin Bingham. Note! After discussions with Notch we know this product will be available as CE Marked in late March 2021 as the earliest! Some claim earlier, but that is wild guessing. This product can be pre-orded.

Features & benefits

  • Approved for SRS or MRS climbing
  • Mid-line attachable
  • Improved rounded top for comfortable one hand descent
  • Multiple friction settings
  • Concave shaped steel bollards allow smoother descent, reducing ?break in? period
  • One-piece design with Slic Pin retention
  • Enhanced ergonomics and rope friendly edges
  • Integrated SRS central ascent harness attachment point
  • Improved sealed ball bearings pulley
  • Rope compatibility: 11 to 13mm diameter

Weight: 453 Grams

Max load: 140 Kg

Rope Diameter: 11 - 13 mm

CE Marked



Artikelnamn: Rope Runner Pro
Artnr: 53420

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