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Prusik Cord 6 mm

Prusik Accessory cord 6 mm
Artnr: C3823-06-00300
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Accessory cord
Prusik Cord from TEUFELBERGER is an accessory cord offering an excellent balance between knotability and grip.

Our Prusik Cord strikes the perfect balance between firm and supple! We engineered this accessory cord so that it has enough give to grip the climbing rope. On the other hand, we paid attention to keeping the prusik cord from getting too mushy. Otherwise, knotability would not be ensured (the knot would lock up). This results in a smooth, controlled movement over the climbing rope and makes untying the prusik knot easier to manage.

The main advantages of Prusik Cord are:

  • Excellent balance between knotability and grip
  • Superb abrasion resistance
  • Torque free construction of 100% polyamide
  • Smooth surface structure for high user comfort



  • Core: polyamide
  • Cover: polyamide
  • Braid: 32
  • MBS (Free Lenght): 780 daN



Artikelnamn: Prusik Cord 6 mm
Artnr: C3823-06-00300

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