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Pole Extension to PH1400E

Artnr: EP7501
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The EGO multi-tool extension pole gives you the extra reach you may require, removing the need to use ladders. Made from carbon fibre, the extension pole is 78cm (30.7 inches) long and weighs a miniscule 600g. It seamlessly clicks into position within the power head, then you can attach the multi-tool of your choice to complete your tasks.

Our multi-tools unlock a whole new world of gardening, landscaping, groundskeeping and many more. And the extension pole provides you with an effective solution to any vertical challenges or other hard to reach areas. Our PH1400E multi-tool power head is supplied with a single shoulder harness, so you can use this to give you extra support with the additional length.

Carbon Fibre
Total Length: 78cm
Weight: 600g


Artikelnamn: Pole Extension to PH1400E
Artnr: EP7501

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