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Rostfri Port - A -Wrap från Notch Equipment
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The Portawrap is a lightweight and compact rope friction device designed for lowering heavy
wood in a controlled manner. Designed by arborists Scott Prophett and Norm Hall in the early
90s, the Portawrap has been proven a highly dependable and effective tool in sparing properties
the damage inflicted by free-falling tree parts.
In the past, a ground worker´s main option for rope-controlling heavy wood was to wrap the
line`s running end around a nearby tree, often candy-striping the "wrap tree" from bark-scorching
surface friction. But now, in the time it once took to coil up a lowering line and walk it around a
tree, the modern arborist can have a Portawrap prepped and ready for multiple lowering tasks.
Quickly wrapped and unwrapped between loads, the Portawrap makes lowering wood out of a tree
a smooth and simple process, all in a small, easily maintained space. And unlike the ever-changing
tree trunk surface, the Portawrap presents predictable and unchanging friction to ropes, allowing
the groundsman to concentrate strictly on the dynamics of the activity above.
The Portawrap has significant corrosion resistance. Our rust-PROOF stainless-steel Portawrap
will stand up to the worst heat, salt and humidity that a coastal company can throw at it. Also
included is a Scott Prophett special feature?a tree-protecting cap that bumpers the targeted tree
from gouging whenever the Portawrap gets slapped with a nasty load.
Medium - Stainless Steel is for lines up to 14 mm; Weight: 1,7 Kg
Large - Stainless Steel is for lines up to 19 mm; Weight: 3,3 Kg
All Portawraps are rated at 907 Kg WLL.


Artikelnamn: Notch - Port-a wrap ( Large)
Artikelnamn: Notch - Port-a wrap (Medium)


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