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Notch Safe Bloc

Safe Block - friktionsbroms fån Notch Equipment
Artnr: FKAS3828
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The Safebloc is a revolutionary rigging tool that adds friction to the rigging system at the top of the tree. That added friction increases safety by reducing the forces on the anchor point. It also increases convenience and efficiency on the job by allowing the climber to assist with lowering after the initial drop.

Use the safebloc in any configuration where you would use a block or pulley for rigging. You can change the amount of friction provided by running the rope through only one hole, two, or even through all three for maximum friction.

The Safebloc can be used without a basal lowering device for small to medium loads. Larger loads will require an additional friction brake.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. The Safebloc has no moving parts and is hard-coated for extended wear.

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Artikelnamn: Notch Safe Bloc
Artnr: FKAS3828

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