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Notch Rook

Rook Pulley från Notch
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The ROOK can be used as a prusik minding pulley, on a lanyard or flipline, on a rope bridge, or even as a redirect. Conceptualized and designed by SHERRILLtree staff member Brandon Nance and made by world class manufacturer Rock Exotica in the USA. 28kN.

Arborists began to see the functionality of small pulleys integrated into climbing systems some time ago. What started out as using whatever was available has developed into a full-blown category of must-have micro pulleys.

The latest entry into this unique class is the vision of devoted climber and passionate SHERRILLtree employee Brandon Nance, brought to life by Rock Exotica: the Rook.

Made for lines up to a half-inch. An intrinsic swivel is designed for any situation to maintain whatever alignment you require. Three connection points turn this into a tool of many options and uses. Use on a rope bridge, or as a prusik-minding pulley, or on a lanyard/flipline, or even as a redirect. The possibilities are yours to discover.
The answer to the quest for an optimal rope bridge accessory that allows climbers the ultimate work positioning connection
To be used on saddles with rope style bridges measuring up to 13mm in diameter
Features swivel PAW that helps reduce twisting from climbing systems
Featuring rubber-lined attachment holes which help minimize carabiner movement that can lead to improper loading
Optimal chamfer edging prevents rope chaffing and wear
It is a great complement for climbing systems as a smooth hitch-tending device
Optimal three-hole configuration yields big combinations yet the ROOK is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand
Effective as an anchor point or member of your work-positioning lanyard
Feel free to double up in a two-crotch system as The ROOK keeps everything tidy in a central secure saddle connection
It's the perfect component of an M system in an eye-to-eye split tail when paired with other pulleysmilled from premium T6 aluminum
tensile: 28 kN, weighs 5.6 oz, bearings instead of bushings
Not mid-line attachable


Artikelnamn: Notch Rook
Artnr: 34201

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