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Notch V3 Quickie i rostfritt stål. En Karbin med många användningsområden.
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Developed by Kevin Bingham, the inventor of the Rope Wrench and Rope Runner, the Notch V3 Quickie is a locking steel connection that can be used for nearly everything you would use a carabiner for - and more. Plus, it's less than half the size of standard carabiners!
The Notch V3 Quickie makes a perfect connection for a base anchor or canopy anchor because it doesn't suffer from the side loading problems of a standard carabiner. Also, the quadruple action slic pin rotates, lowering friction when used to choke a rope.

Features & Benefits:

• Steel connector with great versatility
• ½ size of standard carabiner
• Great solution for basal or canopy anchor
• Perfect for redirects
• Features quadruple action slic pin ensuring safe and secure connection
• Design reduces risk of side loading
• Rotating slic pin reduces friction when used in chocking configuration

Technical Info:

• Material = Stainless Steel
• Major Axis Rating = 30kN
• Minor Axis Rating = 13kN
• Length = 5.71 cm
• Width (with slic pin) = 5.71 cm


Artikelnamn: Notch Quickie
Artnr: 80044

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