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NOTCH - Pro Folding Cube

Pro folding Cube
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The Notch Throwline Folding Cube holds up to 2 throwlines while keeping ends isolated and organized, 4 weights, and various accessories. Folds to compact portable size.

Just as effective at dispersing line during the throw as it is at receiving line being retrieved, the Notch Cube Fold & Hold Deluxe folding throwline cube can be used on the ground or in the tree with equal effectiveness. Storage features include one large exterior and two small interior pockets for holding throw weights plus an interior Velcro strap and D-ring for quick line-end recovery. The material on the bottom of the cube stretches preventing damage to the cube when packed tightly. Made with approval from Heinrich Haeussler.

Size: 43 x 43 cm

Folded: 5 cm


Artikelnamn: NOTCH - Pro Folding Cube
Artnr: 32443


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