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Artnr: M007AA00
Artnr: M007BA00
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MINO is a small, lightweight accessory carabiner ideal for hanging accessories on your harness. It is ergonomic and easy to use, even with gloves. MINO is sold individually or with two additional accessories (CAPTIV-type anti-rotation bar and LOCK-type locking bar).

Detailed description
Multiple uses:
- Ideal for hanging accessories on the harness, such as gloves, a TOOLBAG pouch, or small pieces of equipment
- Can also be used to connect a chest strap to a mechanical Prusik when using SRT/SRS for tree care
Ergonomic and easy to use:
- Oval shape allows for better positioning and offers a better grip
- Interior designed with a smooth surface, allowing the accessory carabiner to rotate more easily
- Keylock system helps avoid any involuntary snagging
- Can be used while wearing gloves
Two available accessories:
- Bar, like the CAPTIV, limiting the risk of rotation
- Gate locking accessory, like the LOCK, preventing it from accidentally opening
- The two accessories can be used at the same time if necessary
- Sold individually or with the accessories

Strength: 400 kg
Gate opening: 13 mm
Weight: 11 g

This product is not PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


Artikelnamn: MINO (no accessory)
Artnr: M007AA00
Artikelnamn: MINO (with accessories)
Artnr: M007BA00
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