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Mighty & Lazy Mule

Nya Mighty Mule Ambassador Line från Teulfelberger
Artnr: 7083026
Artnr: 7083027
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2625 SEK
2500 SEK


Mules are strong, sturdy and tough. They are the perfect beast of burden. Exactly like our new
bag - the MIGHTY MULE 80L. It will carry all you need for your daily work. Due to its fl exible
and smart construction you can personalize it with accessories of your liking. At work, for
travelling and at competitions. It´s ready for anything that lies ahead. Everything, everywhere,
the way you like it.

NOTE That the bags in the pictures have the extra equipment attached! These are sold separately!

Color: Black

Material: special waterproof,
polyester lining

Sizes:H= 65 cm, P= 120 cm, Excluding Apron: H= 25 cm

Capacity: 80 L

Can be complemented with Gear Mule, Waist Belt and Shoulder straps


Artikelnamn: Lazy Mule (Med Hjul)
Artnr: 7083026
Artikelnamn: Mighty Mule (Utan Hjul)
Artnr: 7083027


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