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Nya TAZ LOV 3.
Artnr: LOV3_Black
Artnr: LOV3_Cyan
Artnr: LOV3_Purple
Artnr: LOV3_Red
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TAZ LOV3 : product description
Imagined, designed, manufactured to meet the needs and requirements
of all work-at-height professionals, LOV3 is a fall arrest and descender
device which operates on normal vertical ropes or tensioned and
diagonal ropes.
LOV3 is an evolution of LOV2, with more certifications and the captive function :
the device can be installed on the rope, or removed from it , while it is connected to the carabiner. There
is therefore no danger of dropping the device during rope installation or removal.
Unique device of its own on the market, it is the only tool that performs 5 functionsfor working at height
and keep all these functions on tensioned or diagonal ropes.

Demo Video HERE
1. fall arrest device
2. descender
3. blocker
4. rescue device
5. adjustable lanyard LOV3+ : LOV3 associated with our lanyard LOVROPE
It is certified
EN 12841 type A, B and C on EN 1891 A ropes of Ø 10 to 11 mm,
EN 15151-1 on EN 1891 A ropes from Ø 10 to 11 mm and on EN 892 ropes from Ø 9.5 to 10.5 mm
EN 341 type 2 class C on Cousin 1425 EN 1891 rope of Ø 10.5 mm
EN 358 : LOV3 + with its LOVROPE lanyard
It meets the relevant requirements of EN 353.2 with the exception of automatic descent following.
Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, polyamide
Colors: Red, Cyan, Black
Packaging: compostable, recyclable cardboard, containing the tool and the paper user manual.
Weight : 380 grams,
size : L.15 cm, l. 8 cm and 4 cm thick.
3 years warranty


Artikelnamn: LOV 3
Artnr: LOV3_Black
Artikelnamn: LOV 3
Artnr: LOV3_Cyan
Artikelnamn: LOV 3
Artnr: LOV3_Purple
Artikelnamn: LOV 3
Artnr: LOV3_Red
Lagerstatus: Slut hos tillverkare. Maila för mer information.
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