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Rope Wrench (Complete)

Ny CE-märkt version, finns endast med double tether i nya versionen
Artnr: RP280A1
Artnr: RP280B1
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(3.1/5) Baserat på 11 betyg.
2403 SEK
2403 SEK


The brilliant ISC Rope Wrench with single or double tether is very easy to handle and has revolutionized the SRT climbing technology. The climbing line ist easy to install with the mid-line pin, and the bolt allows a quick tether installation. The Rope Wrench is used to create a ‘bend’ in the rope, above the climber’s hitch. With the addition of a stiff tether, the Rope Wrench creates a ‘contained double rope system, on a single line of rope. This contained double rope system travels with the climb as they move around the tree, allowing a consistent level of friction on the hitch, which is impossible to achieve in double rope climbing.

Specifications & Features:
- Material: aluminum / stainless steel
- Rope diameter: 11 - 13 mm
- Dimensions: 109 x 54 x 37 mm (without tether)
- Length (tether): 30 cm
- CE0120 / EN12278: 07
- Color: red
- Weight: 205 g


Artikelnamn: ISC Rope Wrench (Double Tether) Red
Artnr: RP280A1
Artikelnamn: ISC Rope Wrench (Double Tether) BLACK
Artnr: RP280B1


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