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Haas Velox

HAAS Original Knee Ascender
Artnr: 08-98109
Artnr: 08-98110
Artnr: 08-98111
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(3.3/5) Baserat på 8 betyg.
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The HAAS velox is now available in versions for shorter climbers. And a new version for those who have loops on their climbing boots. Clip N Step, Cervino Wood S3 2018 etc 

The New HAAS Velox makes the original system even better. With an additional 18 inches of bungee in the system, the HAAS Velox is a one size fits all, zero set up, efficient rope ascent tool. 76 cm of usable bungee extension eliminates any set up, as well as “dead spots” in the return action. Made in Ohio by the guys at Haas Tree Gear.

Double tube system allows 76 cm of in-line bungee to be contained within the unit for over 30" of elongation
Versatile ascent system has zero set up and can be used by multiple users without adjustment
Snap is tied just above the ascender, extracting out up to 76 cm to eliminate any set up as well as any "dead spots" in the return action
Designed to maximize friction reduction with a bungee that terminates at the top of the Velox, travels down the channel to the bottom where it wraps around a shiv with stainless steel sealed bearings inside a machined aluminum block
Bungee returns up a second channel where it is tied to a snap
Bungee is replaceable in under five minutes with no tools


Artikelnamn: Haas Velox Clip N Step
Artnr: 08-98109
Artikelnamn: Haas Velox Regular
Artnr: 08-98110
Artikelnamn: Haas Velox Short
Artnr: 08-98111


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