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Personal Bleed Control Kit

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The Small “Basic Bleed Kit” contains the following essential haemorrhage control equipment:

STEIN Harness Mount Storage Pouch (qty 1)
•Velcro belt loop with securing press stub and D Ring
•Sealed Zipper
•Weather-resistant lightweight, strong high-tech material
•Size: 90mm (W) - 130mm (L) - 40mm (D)

4" Emergency Bandage – White (The Israeli Bandage) (qty 1)
•4" wide haemorrhage control bandage
•Elastic wrap pressure applicator, closure bar for max pressure
•Non-adherent pad
•Ready-to-deploy sterile package

WoundClot Trauma 10cm x 10cm Haemostatic Gauze Dressing (qty 1)
•WoundClot is a bio-absorbable, non-compressional haemostatic gauze made from non-oxidised cellulose which can be fabricated into a variety of forms suitable for use in the control of bleeding on a wide range of wounds including severe trauma and lacerations
•Scientifically designed to create a haemodynamic gel environment
•WoundClot absorbs large amounts of coagulants while adhering to the wound
•A rapid and sustained haemostatic effectively helping to preserve the wound site for clinical treatment
•The absorption capabilities of WoundClot is over 2500% its own weight

Sterile 20ml Ampoule Wound Cleansing Solution (qty 1)
•Sterile, single use emergency wound cleansing solution.
•Ready to use, twist off top for ease of use
•20ml Ampoule

Blue Nitrile Gloves – Large (qty 1)
•Provides excellent protection while administering first aid
•Nitrile construction is non-allergenic and safe for everyone
•Eliminates allergic reactions to latex


Artikelnamn: Första Hjälpen Kit (Refill Kit) - No Poch!
Artnr: SS-6032650000
Artikelnamn: Första Hjälpen Kit
Artnr: SS-6032650030


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