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Nya Flexbee lanyard från Courant i 4 längder
Artnr: LBBZ30PS
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Artnr: LBBZ40PS
Artnr: LBBZ50PS
Artnr: LBBZ70PS
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Flexbee is a flexible and lightweight work positioning lanyard for arborists. Constructed using the 11.5mm Squir and certified EN1891. Known for being both durable flexible, its sheath offers excellent grip. Longe Flexbee with  Phoenix 8 mm, Pulley, Axxis Trilock carabiner and  Snaphooh - 3, 4 ,5 or 7 meter

The Distel pulley/hitch combination ensures reliable and smooth adjustment, even under tension. With its braided sheath made of aramid, the Phoenix 8 mm rope offers exceptional longevity. It comes with an Axxis TL connector on the Distel side, and several connectors to choose from on the rope.

Sewn terminations are compact to minimize bulk on your harness and limit the risk of getting caught in narrow forks. Each component is replaceable in case of wear.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Precise & consistent length adjustment
  • Easy replaceable components
  • High contrast visible colours


  • 11.5mm 32-strands rope with 2 compact stitched eyes
  • Polyester sheath with Polyamide X-braid core
  • Length adjustment system containing:

- Phoenix 8mm 70cm hitch cord lanyard in Distel 5-coils setup

- Mova small aluminium twisting side plates pulley

- Axxis TL aluminium triple lock karabiner

  • Maximum rated load: 140kg
  • Maximum lifespan textile parts: 10 years


Artikelnamn: FLEXBEE (3 meter)
Artnr: LBBZ30PS
Lagerstatus: Utgått
Artikelnamn: FLEXBEE (4 meter)
Artnr: LBBZ40PS
Artikelnamn: FLEXBEE (5 meter)
Artnr: LBBZ50PS
Artikelnamn: FLEXBEE (7 meter)
Artnr: LBBZ70PS
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