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ELEVATE Climbers

Nya ELEVATE Spikskor från Stein
Artnr: SS-46302K1043
Artnr: SS-46302K1067
Artnr: SS-46302K2043
Artnr: SS-46302K2067
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ELEVATE your Climb

The all-new STEIN ELEVATE Climbing Spurs.

The one-piece Aluminium Shank has a 5-degree off-set tilt which allows the spur to align with your stance, and facilitates the downward force required straight from the leg through the gaff into the pole or trunk. The shank is hard anodised to help protect the aluminium and prolong its durability.

The shank is fitted with a series of adjustment holes giving a 90mm height variant. Specially designed threaded inserts are used to attach the Calf Pad which avoids threading the holes in the spurs alleviating any cross-threading issues.

As all climbers' lower legs and calves are different the ELEVATE Calf Pad is manufactured from 2mm Aluminium which can be manipulated to your carf width unlike solid pads. This feature allows for a more secure fit around your calf. The Calf Pad is fully height adjustable with a 90mm variant in height and has the option to be off-set by 4-degrees to help facilitate climber comfort.

The washable Inner Pad is ribbed vertically for added comfort and aids ventilation, the pad is secured in the Aluminium shell via heavy duty hook & loop.

The ELEVATE Spurs are secured to the leg using 100mm wide Hook & Loop system and a traditional synthetic leather strap with buckle for a secure comfortable fit.


Activities using this type of equipment are inherently dangerous. It is not possible to cover every eventuality relating to the use of this equipment. Purchasers and users should seek professional training from a fully qualified and competent instructor prior to engaging in any activity. If you are not able, or not in a position to assume this responsibility, do not use this product. The manufacturer its distributors and retailers do not accept any liability if users do not follow the instructions correctly. Only the techniques shown in the diagrams are authorised. Any other use deviating from those shown may result in serious injury or death. Prior to each use a complete risk assessment must be carried out to ascertain that the device chosen configures with and is appropriate to the work being undertaken.

As part of any method statement we recommend that all users of this equipment are given a copy of the instructions. They must read them, understand them and explicitly follow all instructions and cautions attached. Any person using this equipment should be fully trained and competent in its use

Replaceable Gaffs Yes
Adjust Height Pads Yes
Gaff Size 43mm
Weight (pair) gms 2450
Material Aluminium
Manufacturer STEIN


Artikelnamn: ELEVATE Climbers (Black) - Short Gaffs 43 mm
Artnr: SS-46302K1043
Artikelnamn: ELEVATE Climbers (Black) - Long Gaffs 67 mm
Artnr: SS-46302K1067
Artikelnamn: ELEVATE Climbers (Blue) Short Gaffs 43 mm
Artnr: SS-46302K2043
Artikelnamn: ELEVATE Climbers (Blue) Long Gaffs 67 mm
Artnr: SS-46302K2067
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