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Distel Alu Click

Distel Alu spikskor med Click Buckles
Artnr: 11.111
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4313 SEK


The high-strength aluminium alloy makes the Distel Alu Click climbing spurs particularly light and ensures a long service life. The straight, angular shaft transmits the force straight from the foot via the stirrup and the gaff into the trunk. The comfortable, padded plastic shells are height-adjustable and can be perfectly adapted to the user´s leg. The AustriAlpin Click buckles by Cobra at the top and bottom guarantee a firm, play-free and comfortable fit. They also allow the spurs to be attached to the leg quickly and easily. The PTFE coating on the gaffs protects against corrosion and ensures an easy release of the gaff from the tree.

Weight with America short: 1,050 g
Weight with America long: 1,110 g

Gaffs: Short 42 mm


Artikelnamn: Distel Alu Click
Artnr: 11.111


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