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bMOTION Pro -EN361 samt EN358 sele
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Even if most of the time the arborists access and work in the trees with ropes, it is frequent that they use platforms / cherry pickers / MEWPs, in order to make the task safer and fulfilling the European and North American standards Teufelberger has design the full body harness bMOTION range.

Since years Teufelberger has been constantly improving its products and solutions, many years of listening to tree climbers, partners, and ambassadors, always with the sole objective of making the ideal product that suits all climbers needs. We are therefore proud to manufacture in Europe the first generation of the bMOTION Pro full body harness for tree workers using mobile platforms and cherry pickers.

After more than 2 years of development, the bMOTION Pro is now ready with these main new features:

10 years of life (since the date of manufacture)
2 sizes M-L / L-XL
Smart color-coding system (Green & Red) and visible marking for attachment points (A) to avoid misconfiguration and miss use.
Openable and adjustable aluminum buckles with safe closing indicator
2 red fiber loops to store your lanyard connector (park lanyard attachments)
4 green Attachment points :
Foldable Dorsal (Fall arrest)
2 foldable, lateral D-rings (Restraint and work positioning)
Sternal (Fall arrest)
Fall indicators in the webbing under the fall arrest eyelets
Comfortable shoulder, waist and leg paddings
3 red fiber loops to carrying materials and tools
4 stainless steel rings for attaching tool bags

The new bMOTION Pro has now been perfectly customized for every climber working into platforms due to its shape and adaptability. This gives the term "efficient" another, better definition in the Treecare platform harness industry.

Even on towers, the bMOTION Pro suits perfect with its work positioning functions to attach to the structure and allows to carry different gear and tools on the gear loops and tool bag rings

And of course, the bMOTION Pro can be used as a full body harness for every working at height application like roofer jobs, on construction sites, scaffolding and many others.

Safety is and remains Teufelberger?s top priority, which is why we were able to certify the bMOTION Pro as follows:

EN361:2002 (European Standard for full body harnesses)
EN358:2018 (European Standard for harnesses for work positioning and restraint)
ANSI Z359.11-2021 (American Safety Requirements for Full Body Harnesses)

*including tools, gears and other equipment; Max.breaking strength: Lanyard parking loops = 5 kg / 11 lbs each loop; Red gear loops = 10 kg / 22 lbs each loop; Tool bag rings = 10 kg / 22 lbs each ring; Weight: bMOTION Pro Size M-L = 2,36 kg / 5,2 lbs; bMOTION Pro Size L-XL = 2,36 kg / 5,2 lbs


Artikelnamn: bMOTION Pro (M-L)
Artnr: 7083066
Artikelnamn: bMOTION Pro (L-XL)
Artnr: 7083067
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