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ART Rope Guide 2010 Cocoon 5

ART´s patenterade justerbara Kambium skydd. 150 cm.
Artnr: ARTRG2010_150
Lagerstatus: Slut hos leverantör. Maila för mer information.
Artnr: ARTRG2010_300
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The RopeGuide 2012 Cocoon 5 combines the best properties of his predecessors with the thrilling results of current advancements: he is very light, can be charged even more and is exceedingly safe. His so-called TunnelRing is unique. Sharing only 50 % of the weight of a massive ring, the TunnelRing concept achieves comparable resistance and higher safety simultaneously. This is a typical ARTifice: TunnelRing instead of a massive ring. The internal rope is protected by the ring. Amazing but true: the rope raises the breaking load of the ring and vice versa – an ingenious symbiosis. Less weight, higher rupture load, and doubled safety, since the runner leading to the pulley crosses the ring AND the loop as well. The service life of RopeGuides' metal parts is 10 years!

RopeGuide 2010 features:
• patented
• mobile anchor
• certified according to EN 795 B
• body and parts are made of aluminium machined in the solid
• integrated ZipAbsorber 1 (shock absorber)
• super smooth rope feed thanks to Cocoon
• continuously adjustable length
• can be combined with DoubleSnapper 3
• easy lifting of climbing system after having thrown the ring end
• optimal „choking“ mode (choking the trunk)
• thanks to the parallel sewn double rope no more „rolling“ of the friction saver when choked (as with standard ropes)
• automatic blocking without slippage
• easy adjustment even after heavy loads
• top safety and loading capacity based on the TunnelRing rope combination
• optimized retrieving of ring based on integrated fender
• easy release of device when retrieving
• low kink friction saver provides nice width and abrasion resistance by parallel sewn 8 mm polyester/Dyneema rope
• thanks to the Trapeze 5 installment and retrieving of the climbing line is very comfortable
• service life: 10 years for all metal parts
• testet: 18 kN/3 Min.
• breaking strength: ca. 24 kN
• weight: 150 cm: ca. 520 g

Standard : EN 795-B


Artikelnamn: ART Rope Guide 2010 Cocoon 5 (150 cm)
Artnr: ARTRG2010_150
Lagerstatus: Slut hos leverantör. Maila för mer information.
Artikelnamn: ART Rope Guide 2010 Cocoon 5 (300 cm)
Artnr: ARTRG2010_300

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