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Shizzl Rigging ringar
Artnr: ABR28
Artnr: ABR35
Artnr: ABR45
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Shizll´s low friction Arboring makes it possible to rig directly through the ring, use our rings for less friction on a choked configuration and you can splice it directly in a rigging sling.

Arboring is machined from high grade aluminium 7075 with a durable hard anodized layer with PTFE. Available in three sizes to suit lines up to 16mm.

Compact & lightweight
Extreme low friction
Simple & reliable design
Low maintenance
Performance & versatility
Impact resistant
High load capacity
Grit & salt resistant

Product information
CNC milled high quality aluminium 7075
Special Hard anodised finish with Teflon for more durability of ropes.
Minimum breaking strength(MBS) is 120 kN, or 240 kN
Work load limit (WLL) is 24 kN or 48 kN
Suitable for use with (rigging) ropes, rope slings.
Type            Inner hole Ø   Grove Ø      Strength WLL(kN)    Strength MBS (kN)
ABR28          28mm            14mm         24                            120
ABR35          35mm            14mm         24                            120
ABR45          45mm            16mm         48                            240


Artikelnamn: Arboring
Artnr: ABR28
Artikelnamn: Arboring
Artnr: ABR35
Artikelnamn: Arboring
Artnr: ABR45


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